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Dairy News & Views from ISU

Jan 22, 2021

Join in as Dennis Todey, director of the USDA Climate Hub in Ames, Iowa discusses the climate and weather predictions for the 2021 growing season.

Archive to webinar:

Climate Update for 2021 Season

Jan 1, 2021

Join in as Dr. Larry Tranel, Extension Dairy Field Specialist discusses the factors that contribute to farm family stress and how families deal with grief.

Link to Farm Family Stress and Grief Webinar

Dec 18, 2020

Join in as Dr. James Koltes, Assistant Professor, Iowa State University as he gives updates to the December Genetic Evaluation. Dr. Koltes will focus on the development of the "feed saved" genetic evaluation and the "heifer livability proof,” and how these will be incorporated into the SNM index in April. Plus, he...

Dec 4, 2020

Join us as we visit with Dr. Wendong Zhang, Assistant Professor, Agricultural Economist, Iowa State University; presenting on issues of importance in trade with China, particularly with dairy products. Learn more about factors now and in the future affecting dairy product trades and current research conducted by...

Nov 20, 2020

Join in as we visit with Mike North from EVER.AG to discuss US Ag exports, particularly dairy exports, and opportunities for global marketing ahead. We also discuss risk management strategies that should be considered coming into 2021.

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