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Dairy News & Views from ISU

Jul 30, 2021

Wildlife Biologist with USDA Wildlife Services Ernie Colboth discusses controlling nuisance bird populations on dairies, disease issues associated with large amounts of birds and contamination and consumption of livestock feed.

He began his career with Wildlife Services, in the Missouri program, supporting the US Air...

Jul 16, 2021

Join in as we discuss ways to save energy on your farm with Joel Zook at the Winneshiek Energy District.

Archived webinar for more details on Saving Energy on Your Farm

Jul 2, 2021

Join in as we discuss with Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Field Ag Engineer, Brian Dougherty, and Mississippi State University Assistant Professor and Extension Dairy Specialist, Amanda Stone, on ways to reduce heat stress in dairy cattle in both freestall and pasture based systems.

Resources for Heat...

Jun 15, 2021

June is Dairy Month! It's time to discuss Iowa's Dairy Industry and it's economic impact to the state. Join in as we visit with ISDA Executive Director, Mitch Schulte and Mariah Busta, Coordinator for the Northeast Iowa Dairy & Agriculture Foundation.

Jun 4, 2021

Join in as we visit with Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Farm & Agri-Business Management Specialist, and dairy team member, Melissa O'Rourke protecting our farm workers during the hot days of summer. Look for signs of heat stress and check out resources available for your farm to keep everyone safe...